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5 Worst Crimes Committed by NFL Players

Friday / October 14, 2016

Football players are big shots on and off the field, but that doesn’t mean they never get in trouble with the law. Here are five notorious criminal defense cases involving an NFL player.


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1. Jim Dunaway


Jim Dunaway, who played in the 1970’s for the Miami Dolphins, was the primary suspect in the murder of his wife, Nonniel Dunaway, who was found dead in a swimming pool. He was arrested, but the grand jury felt there was not enough evidence for an indictment. In 2002, however, his children filed a civil wrongful death charge against him and received $500,000 in damages.


2. Rae Carruth


The Carolina Panthers wide receiver had a promising career in the 1990’s, but all of that went away when he hired a friend to murder the woman pregnant with his child, Cherica Adams. Adams died. The child survived. Carruth became a fugitive. He was later captured hiding in the trunk of his car. He was charged with murder and received an 18 to 25-year prison sentence. Whew.


3. Ray Lewis

ray lewis

Retired linebacker, Ray Lewis, was accused of getting into a verbal and physical altercation with a couple of men at a Super Bowl party in 2000. The two men were later found stabbed to death and suspicion fell on Lewis after a search of his limo turned up a suit with the both men’s blood on it. Lewis was indicted on two murder counts, but once the case went to trial, the prosecutor dropped the charges. To this day, the murder of the two men remains unsolved.


4. Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson


Hollywood had three Super Bowl victories while playing with the Dallas Cowboys in the late 1970s, but was convicted of smoking cocaine with two teenage girls and exchanging drugs for consensual sex. He pled no contest to the charges and had eight months in a rehab center and served 28 months in prison.


5. Eric Naposki


An imposing force on the football field playing for the New England Patriots, Eric Naposki had a successful career. On May 21, 2009, Eric’s life changed for the worse when he was charged with a murder that took place in December 1994. Naposki was charged with killing Nanette Johnson’s boyfriend, Bill McLaughlin, so that Johnson could collect McLaughlin’s life insurance policy. Naposki was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison without parole.


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