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Arizona Drug Manufacturing Laws

Thursday / September 8, 2016

In Arizona, it is unlawful to manufacture or possess the equipment to manufacture, dangerous drugs, prescription-only drugs, and narcotics.
A charge of possession of manufacturing materials occurs when a defendant possesses certain chemicals or items which could be used to manufacture or make, illegal drugs. Drug manufacturing is a serious crime in Arizona, and if you or someone you love has been arrested for drug manufacturing, you will need the expertise of a qualified Tempe Drug Manufacturing Attorney to help you with your case.
A person can be criminally convicted for simply possessing the manufacturing equipment, without actually making a single dose of the drug. It is also illegal to have in your possession large amounts of chemicals and materials that are typically used in the production and manufacturing of drugs, even if the chemicals can be obtained legally. For example, large quantities of over-the-counter cold medications can be a crime because they are one of the common ingredients in making Meth.



Any Meth or Dangerous Drug Crime is a serious one and carries harsher penalties than a non-Dangerous Drug crime. Manufacturing dangerous drugs is considered a Class 2 Felony. Penalties include 2.5-7 years of jail time, court ordered fines and fees, substance abuse counseling, probation, and a Felon Criminal Record.


Tempe Drug Crimes Attorney Kyle T. Green


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