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Arizona Kidnapping & Abduction Laws

Tuesday / September 13, 2016

Under federal law, kidnapping is defined as the taking of one person from one place to another against their will, or the confining of a person to a controlled space. If you, or someone you love, is facing kidnapping or abduction charges, you will need to seek out the help of an experienced Tempe Kidnapping Attorney right away.
Under Arizona’s kidnapping and abduction laws, a person commits kidnapping by knowingly restraining another person with the intent to:


  • Hold the victim for ransom
  • Use the victim as a shield, as in a hostage situation
  • Detain the victim for involuntary servitude (e.g. a sex slave)
  • Force the victim to aid them in committing a felony or other crime
  • Make a third person fear that the victim will be harmed
  • Make the victim fear that a third person will be harmed
  • Interfere with or otherwise interrupt a governmental or political function
  • Seize or take control of a vehicle, such as a bus, airplane, ship, or train


Kidnapping is a Class 2 felony if the defendant does not voluntarily release the victim without physical injury and punishment includes jail time for not more than 10 years and not less than 4 years.  Kidnapping is a Class 4 felony if the defendant does release the victim without injury, and in a safe space, before arrest and punishment. A class 4 felony includes jail time of no more than 3.75 years and not less than 1.5 years.


Kidnapping Attorney Kyle T. Green


Law enforcement often oversteps its boundaries when it comes to kidnapping charges. As a former prosecutor, I am intimately familiar with the rules of evidence, constitutional law, criminal law and procedure. I know the possible defense strategies for those accused of kidnapping. Call 480-331-7568 for a complimentary consultation where I can advise you of your options and possible defense strategies. My consultation is completely free and done with no obligation. You deserve to know what a criminal defense attorney can do for you before you are asked to sign on as a client.

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