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Changes in Arizona DUI Law

Tuesday / July 17, 2012

In late 2011 Arizona Legislature amended the DUI and interlock laws through Senate Bill 1200. Over the course of the next few blog post will be providing information on the updates that were contained in Senate Bill 1200 and how that can affect your future DUI case.

The first thing we want to talk about is the home detention program and how that’s affected by Senate Bill 1200. Senate Bill 1200 authorizes a City Council, county sheriff, and the County Board of Supervisors to establish a continuous alcohol monitoring program, similar to home detention program for persons convicted of DUI.  A person must pay all the fees associated with this program plus $30 while they are on the program.  What this means in the practical sense is that some justice court who previously didn’t have home detention now have the authorization to establish such a program.
Another benefit of Senate Bill 1200 is that it is that it modified current home detention programs. Now an individual is only required to serve 20% of their total sentence in actual jail prior to being allowed to participate in the home detention program. For example, an individual convicted of extreme DUI is required to serve a minimum of 30 days in jail.  Under the new home detention program, an individual is only to serve 6 of those days in jail before being eligible to be released to the home detention monitoring program. What this means from a practical sense is less time visiting Sheriff Arpaio and fewer fees (i.e. jail costs) associated with your DUI.
Lastly, Senate Bill 1200 repeals any prohibition for a home detention program for individuals convicted of aggravated DUI. What this means is that those individuals who normally would be required to serve a four-month prison sentence could potentially be eligible for home detention.
In short Senate Bill 1200s modification of the home detention program allows for individuals convicted of DUI more leniency and helps those individuals keep their jobs, pay smaller fees, and ultimately ease the substantial burden of a DUI.  If you have been charged with DUI, contact our law firm for a free consultation at 480-331-7568. 

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