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Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

Saturday / April 30, 2016

Being charged with a crime leaves you with many questions. What’s next? What’s going to happen? What’s my future going to look like? Do I need an attorney? Who can I trust? How much will all this cost?


Seems a little overwhelming right?


Here are a few things to consider when hiring the right Tempe criminal defense attorney for your case:


Free Consultation


If you are facing a criminal charge, even if it seems minor, the best thing you can do is seek legal advice. Even if you plan on representing yourself, a consultation with an experienced Tempe criminal defense attorney can help you understand what lies ahead and the defense strategies available to you. I offer no obligation case reviews where we can meet to go over specifics that relate to your case and answer any questions you may have.


Well Respected


It’s important for your Tempe criminal defense attorney to be well respected, not only by his or her clients but by judges and state prosecutors as well. A former prosecutor myself, I pride myself on the reputation I have built for myself and my Tempe criminal defense practice. I am known for being honest and will remain focused until your goals are met.




Experience with criminal trials matters. I bring extensive trial experience to anyone charged with a crime. To date, I have personally handled over 2,000 cases, including 70 trials. I know and understand the other side and what methods they will use to seek a conviction.


Availability and Communication


It’s important that your attorney be readily available to you and keep you updated on you case. I work tirelessly to deliver personal service and attention to each of my clients, working so I can formulate and execute the most appropriate strategy for your defense. I will fully explain the criminal law and process to you so that you know what to expect. I will keep you fully informed of developments in your case, as well as value your options, so that you can make good decisions that protect your future. Also, as an individual practice, I have the time to treat you like the person you are, not just a case number.




Be wary of criminal defense attorneys looking for a quick resolution. I truly care about my clients and want to do what is in their best interest – it’s the thing I love about my job. When I take on a case, it’s because I truly believe I can make a difference.



Tempe Criminal Defense Attorney Kyle T. Green


I founded The Law Office of Kyle Green because I believe everyone deserves the right to quality, cost-effective, immediate representation and sound legal advice. My time as a prosecutor showed me first-hand the difference a qualified, aggressive criminal defense attorney can have on an Arizona criminal defense legal matter.


I look forward to speaking with you about your legal matter and answering your legal questions. Please call me today at 480-331-7568.

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