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Did You Catch This Super Bowl Commercial?

Monday / February 22, 2016

The NFL and organization “No More” teamed up again this year to air a commercial during the Super Bowl, raising awareness of domestic violence. During this short 30-second commercial, we learn the troubling fact that domestic violence reports tend to go up during the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl.
The national abuse hotline saw an increase in calls after the first domestic violence commercial aired at last year’s Super Bowl. Last year’s commercial depicted a woman calling emergency services and pretending to order a pizza. The 911 dispatcher quickly realizes this woman is not really trying to order a pizza but is in fact discreetly calling for help, possibly in the presence of her abuser.
While calls the national hotline nearly doubled, other agencies reported a decrease in calls or reports made during the festivities. No matter what the statics of each individual organization, the NFL’s support of the domestic violence message has helped spread awareness about the issue.



Domestic Violence Law in Arizona


What the commercial doesn’t show however is the legal side of a domestic violence case. Knowing your rights in cases of domestic violence in Arizona is essential for all parties involved.
According to Arizona law, domestic violence is the act of committing a violent act against one of the following offenses against a person which you have or are currently involved with. I go more into the specifics of the relationships defined under domestic violence law on this page on domestic violence law in Arizona.
Some examples of Arizona domestic violence include:

  • Stalking
  • Endangerment
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual assault
  • Harassment

A person who has been accused of domestic violence may have the option of claiming self-defense and argue that the victim was actually the initial aggressor. This, of course, may depend on the circumstances surrounding the case. Victims of domestic violence can request an order of protection from the court. Both parties have legal rights and protections and an Arizona domestic violence attorney can help answer any questions for both sides.



Domestic Violence Penalties in Arizona


Penalties received for committing an act of domestic violence will again depend on the circumstances. Along with fines, jail time, and or probation, the defendant by also be required to complete a domestic violence offender treatment program.



Arizona Domestic Violence Attorney Kyle T. Green


If you are facing domestic violence charges, you will want to consult with a criminal defense lawyer you know has experience and is ready to protect the things that matter to you the most. I represent clients charged with all types of criminal offenses in Arizona. For more information or to schedule a free case review, contact 480-331-7568.

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