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Wednesday / March 7, 2012

In today’s economy, even school districts are facing strict budget cuts. On top of that, the new federal nutrition standards mean that it will cost more per lunch to meet those requirements. How do schools close the deficit?


One school district in Ohio has hired a collection agency to recover an estimated $900,000 in unpaid lunch money. The district says it loses more than $2,600 every school day.


This issue is not unique to this school district; schools nationwide are seeing more and more students without lunch money. They want to make sure the students are fed but at the same time they cannot afford to allow unpaid meal charges to remain outstanding.


So some families in Ohio will start to receive calls from a collection agency in April attempting to collect on this debt.


Remember, it is not illegal to be poor or to not be able to pay your bills. Some things like check forgery or writing bad checks are illegal acts and you can be charged with a crime for those acts. If you are in this situation, please contact us at 480-331-7568. We can help you get through your case with a fair outcome.

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