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Holiday Weekend DUI

Friday / May 22, 2015

Holiday weekends such as Memorial Day are high traveled and celebrated weekends. Police departments across the state of Arizona plan to have a DUI task force and will be patrolling specific areas in order to catch DUI drivers, to keep the community safe.


It was reported that on Memorial Day 2014, the police DUI task force made roughly 500 DUI arrests. This number includes DUI arrests that are misdemeanor, extreme, persons under the age of 21 and DUI’s with drugs.


Under Arizona Law A.R.S. §28-1381, a person can be charged with a DUI for being under the influence of intoxicating liquor, any drug, a vapor releasing substance contacting a toxic substance or any combination. Arizona is considered a zero tolerance state for DUI. This means that a person can be charged for being impaired to the slightest degree even if their blood alcohol level (BAC) is under the assumed standard of .08.


Remember, if you are pulled over under the suspicion of driving under the influence, you can decline a field sobriety test. It is not mandatory. If you or anyone you know has been charged with a crime, immediately seek an attorney’s help to ensure the accused’s rights are protected. To schedule a no obligation consultation with my office, visit my website at or by calling me at 480-331-7568.


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