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There’s a big difference between an unfavorable verdict being reached in your initial trial and your case being completely closed forever. The appeals process allows you to seek the overturning of your conviction or at least modify the terms of your sentence. In most cases, other than those where a plea bargain was reached, those convicted have the right to appeal a verdict or sentence. An appeals lawyer can help you determine the best course of action when pursuing an appeal.


When you choose to appeal the decision that was reached in your trial, you are allowing an experienced Arizona appeals attorney to take a closer look at the facts of your case. This often sheds light on new details that may have been overlooked or mishandled. While this new information or insight into the facts surrounding your case may not always result in the overturning of the original verdict, it can lead to a reassessment of the severity of the crime and the punishment.


Appeals Attorney Kyle T. Green


If a verdict has been reached in your Arizona criminal law case that you disagree with, give my office a call to set up a consultation. Let’s discuss the options of appealing the judgment reached in your case and how that can work to your benefit.


It’s important to understand that appealing an unfavorable verdict is part of the normal legal process and not an exception.


As a former prosecutor, I have the advantage of knowing and understanding a prosecutor’s strategy and thought process. This not only helps in determining the merits of an appeal but also provides insight into how to best represent the facts of your case to have charges dropped, verdict’s overturned or sentences lessened.


Based on my experience working numerous criminal appeals, I have a clear understanding of how to create an effective appellate brief and how to present appeals arguments both State and Federal appellate courts.


Appeals in the State of Arizona


In Arizona, appeals are handled by either the court of appeals or the Supreme Court as a last resort. The court of appeals consists of two divisions: Division One in Phoenix made up of 16 judges, and Division Two in Tucson with 6 judges. When a case reaches the court of appeals, a 3-judge panel will review all information pertaining to the case, including previous decisions, and then decides how to proceed.


Having an attorney is helpful in an appeals process, but having an attorney who is experienced in the appeals process and understands the minds of both prosecutors and judges is essential if you hope to see any change to the original verdict.


Are You Considering an Appeal?


If you are planning to appeal the verdict or sentence of your case, call my office to schedule a free consultation. I’m an Arizona appeals attorney and can review the circumstances and facts surrounding your case and provide direction on how to move forward. I can help you determine if an appeal is worth pursuing and then help you get the justice you deserve. Contact me at 480-331-7568 and let’s get to work defending your life and your rights.