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In Arizona, assault is defined as any action that puts another person in fear of harm by the use of force or the threat of force, causing a physical injury to another person, or merely touching another person with the intent to injure them. Charges can be escalated to “aggravated assault” if the defendant uses a weapon or inflicts extreme injuries.


Assault is charged as either a misdemeanor or felony based on the circumstances of the crime. Someone convicted of assault can face serious punishment, including up to 10 years in prison and up to $150,000 in fines. An assault conviction will stay on your record for the rest of your life and will always be taken into consideration should you commit any other crimes down the road.


Arizona Assault Attorney Kyle T. Green


Having once worked as a prosecutor, I have important insight into how the State of Arizona handles assault charges. When you hire me, I go to work doing my own investigation of the crime to uncover important information on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Often, this leads me to an overlooked detail that can serve to reduce the charges against my client.


My goal is to work to have the assault charges against you thrown out completely and have the case dismissed. If this doesn’t happen, then we need to do everything we can to minimize the charges. In some cases, a win in an assault case is a reduced prison sentence or probation without serving time in prison.


Assault vs. Aggravated Assault


The prosecutor in your assault case will be looking closely for details that can help escalate your charges to aggravated assault. Some examples of scenarios when aggravated assault charges are filed include the use of a weapon, an attack on an elderly person or inflicting severe bodily injury.


Any aggravated assault involving a weapon will lead to mandatory time in prison. The criminal history of the defendant and the circumstances of the case will have an impact on how long that prison term is.


Unfortunately, an assault conviction is one that never leaves your record for the rest of your life. Should a person convicted of assault commit the same crime again, the punishment is even stronger.


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The sooner you can contact me after you have been charged with assault, the better chance I have of building a case to dismiss or lessen the charges against you. Time is of the essence! Call 480-331-7568 now to set up a free initial consultation so we can discuss your case. Same day or next day appointments are often available. I look forward to hearing from you!