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Auto Theft

Also known as “Theft of Means of Transportation,” Auto Theft is one of the most serious crimes one can commit in the state of Arizona. Having been a prosecutor once myself, I know how aggressively such cases are handled and how severe the punishments can be. Those accused and convicted of Auto Theft face steep penalties handed down from government and law enforcement officials working to stop the major problem auto theft has become in the Phoenix area.


You can face charges and be convicted for Auto Theft or Theft of Means of Transportation even if you weren’t involved in the actual theft of the vehicle. Arizona is one of the few states in United States where someone can be convicted of Auto Theft for merely driving a vehicle that was previously stolen. This is just one example of how hard law enforcement is cracking down on Auto Theft in Arizona.


In most cases, prosecutors will seek at least 90 days in jail for those convicted of Auto Theft, even if it is their first offense. In addition to time in prison, those convicted of Auto Theft might also face probation, fines and restitution for damages caused. To avoid these types of penalties, you need an attorney on your side that has experience and knowledge of the system.


Kyle T. Green – Auto Theft Attorney


No matter what the circumstances are surrounding your Auto Theft charges, give me a call so we can set up a time to review your case. I’ve worked in many criminal defense cases before and am able to draw from my experience as a prosecutor to help present a rock solid defense.


We’ll start by reviewing the facts surrounding your specific case. By the time you leave your first visit with me, you will have a good understanding of what the next steps are and feel confident knowing that I will do my best to have your charges reduced or dismissed. I will also work to ensure you receive as light of a sentence as possible. My experience as an auto theft attorney can help you avoid time in prison and lower any fines you may face.


Intent is Everything in an Auto Theft Case


Many of my clients ask about the difference between joyriding and auto theft. The key difference is the defendant’s overall intent. If a person steals an automobile with the intent of keeping it for himself or herself, selling it, chopping it for parts or destroying it, then they face much harsher charges.


On the other hand, if it can be proven that a person stole a vehicle without the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the vehicle, the crime would be classified as joyriding, which is a much lighter crime. My job as your attorney is to put the burden of proof of your intentions on the shoulders of the prosecutor.


For Those Facing Auto Theft Charges


The first step you should take when facing auto theft charges in Arizona is to call my office and set up a time to talk. Let me go to work for you and help you overcome this situation so you can put it behind you and move on. We’ll focus on reducing the charges you are facing and keeping you out of prison. Call today at 480-331-7568.