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OUI stands for Operating Under the Influence.
In the same manner that it is illegal to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Arizona, it is also illegal to operate a boat or other recreational vehicle while intoxicated. What started as a fun-filled day at Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake or another lake destination, can quickly turn to one where you are facing a criminal charge and carrying around a criminal record.


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As an OUI defense attorney, I will scrutinize the evidence against you, working tirelessly to build a strong defense that represents you and your side of the story. I look to make sure your constitutional rights were protected and that you were treated fairly during the interrogation, arrest and booking process and that all evidence against you was properly handled and documented.


OUI Penalties

If convicted, first time OUI penalties may include the following:

  • Possible jail time (Up to six months)
  • Fines, surcharges (Minimum fine and surcharge of up to $2100)
  • Alcohol screenings and alcohol abuse classes


In “Extreme OWI” cases when BAC is in excess of 15%, there is a first offense mandatory minimum 30 days jail (20 of which can be suspended), a $2500 fine, and alcohol classes. Penalties are greater for those with multiple OWI offenses and those with “aggravated OWI” convictions.


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