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If you have been charged with burglary in Arizona, it is important to consult with a burglary attorney immediately. This is one area of the law where individuals are “over-charged” meaning they often don’t fit the elements of the actual legal statute for the crimes they are accused of committing. A burglary lawyer will be able to review the elements and facts of your case and give you the best possible chances in court fighting your burglary felony charges.


Burglary Attorney Kyle T. Green


My first meeting with anyone facing burglary charges includes a thorough case review where I listen to your concerns and goals and discuss all of your optionsWe’ll review the statutes surrounding the law and the possible outcomes and scenarios that are typical with similar burglary cases. I pride myself on being straightforward, honest and detailed on all my cases meaning you get the quality representation you deserve. You are the client and my top priority is to aggressively advocate on your behalf so your story is heard in court.


More About Arizona Burglary Charges


There are three types of burglary charges according to Arizona law. Burglary is generally defined as when a person enters or unlawfully remains on a property with the intent to commit theft.


  • First-degree burglary occurs when the accused possesses a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument during the burglary. (See ARS §13-1506)
  • Second-degree burglary occurs upon entering a residential structure, without a deadly weapon, with intent to commit theft. (See ARS §13-1507)
  • Third-degree burglary occurs when a person enters a fenced yard or motor vehicle with intent to commit theft. (See ARS §13-1508)


Sentences for burglary convictions can include up to 35 years in prison depending on the severity of your charges. As with any felony conviction you also face fines, probation, loss of voting rights and the right to own a weapon.


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