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Campus Crimes

It is not uncommon for a crime to be committed on the campus of one of the many colleges and universities throughout Arizona. When campus crimes occur, the help of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal attorney can make a huge difference.

Some of the more common campus crimes that are reported include the following:


While most of these campus crimes are not very serious, they can still have a negative impact on the student defendant and can place their future with the school, as well as scholarships, in jeopardy. Some students make the mistake of waiting until a school has either stripped them of their scholarship or kicked them out completely before they think about hiring an attorney. This is a mistake.


Hire Kyle T. Green to Fight Campus Crime Charges


Campus crimes must be handled in a very specific way to avoid and serious repercussions for the student and his or her family. Even though some campus crimes do involve punishments such as jail time or a large fine, the more devastating penalty is being kicked out of school. Imagine spending years focused on your degree only to have it stripped away from you because of one single act. Unfortunately, just one bad decision can completely change a student’s future.


I have worked with college students and their parents before and am ready to take on your campus crime challenge. When you hire me, you will know that I have your best interests at heart. This includes not just keeping my client out of jail, but also working to have charges either dropped or reduced to prevent them from showing up on their school record. I want you or your child to successfully complete college without having to stress or worry about a one-time mistake.


Is Your Loved One Facing Campus Crimes?


I often receive calls from concerned parents or other relatives of a student facing charges of crimes they committed on campus at the college they are attending, such as Arizona State University. The first thing I always do is set up an initial consultation to review the case closely. This includes interviewing the student involved and discussing their desired outcome. By the time you leave my office, you will have a clear understanding of what will happen next.


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