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Order of Protection

A court can and will issue protective orders in cases of abuse or harassment. In general, an order of protection forbids a person from having contact with the person who is seeking it. The person who is requesting the order of protection must show that someone else has either abused of repeatedly harassed them and that an act of violence may be likely in the future. Protective orders from the court typically fall into one of 3 categories:


  • An Order of Protection
  • An Injunction Against Harassment
  • An Injunction Against Workplace Harassment


These orders can be very easy to obtain and will go into effect immediately once a person has been served. An order of protection is often sought during a divorce, when a spouse is pushing to have the other spouse move away from the home. It is also common in situations where child abuse has occurred. When a person requests a protective order, they must be able to show that another party has done any of the following:


  • Threatens or attempts to intimidate
  • Assaults with a weapon or with their body
  • Endangers you or your child
  • Restrains or holds you or your child prisoner
  • Threatens or attempts to kidnap you or your child
  • Interferes with custody of your children
  • Trespasses on or causes damage to your property
  • Commits any type of disorderly conduct
  • Displays deadly weapon in threatening manner


How to Handle Orders of Protection – Order of Protection Lawyer Kyle T. Green


While there are ways to request a protective order on your own, it’s a good idea to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney. Unfortunately, orders of protection have been used inappropriately and can violate the rights of the innocent. Whether you are looking to file an order or protection or have been served one, contact my office so we can discuss the situation. As a criminal defense attorney based in Tempe, I have dealt with a number of protective orders and can help you retain your rights.


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