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Threatening and Intimidation Defense Lawyer

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In Arizona, threatening someone with physical harm or harm to their property is against the law and can be grounds for arrest. A person can be charged with these crimes even when no physical contact has occurred. These types of charges are taken very seriously and often lead to severe punishment, including time in jail.


The law enforcement officer at the scene of the crime will make a decision whether or not to arrest someone for threatening and intimidation. It is up to his or her judgment based on details collected. Even though these types of events are highly subjective, they are taken very seriously in court. Many threatening and intimidation charges are in conjunction with other related charges. Threatening or intimidating charges can include the following:

  • Physical injury to another person
  • Verbal threats or assaults directed at another person
  • Damage to another person’s property
  • Causing public evacuations or other inconveniences
  • Gang crimes


Threatening and Intimidation – Attorney Kyle T. Green


While threatening and intimidation charges in Arizona are serious, they can also be challenged fairly easily based on lack of proof. In some cases, the legitimacy of the charges comes down to one person’s word against another’s.


As an experienced criminal law attorney, I am able to spot holes in the allegations against my client. Having spent some time working as a prosecutor, I have insight into how a prosecutor will approach threatening and intimidation charges and can build a defense to help minimize the case against you. My strong negotiation skills will definitely help during the sentencing stage of your case.


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