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Drug Sentencing

Most people who are arrested and charged with drug-related crimes face multiple counts based on evidence collected at the time of the arrest. It’s a fact that a majority of the drug convictions that happen in Arizona involve multiple charges. This opens the defendant to a wide range of potential punishment during the sentencing stage of their case. Sentences in drug-related cases largely depend on the following:


  • Type of drugs involved
  • Quantity of drugs
  • A defendant’s previous criminal record
  • Aggravated circumstances


Arizona law is extremely tough on drug crimes, which means the defendant can expect harsh penalties such as time in prison and large fines. However, there may be some hope for a reduced sentence, especially when it is a person’s first offense. Arizona does offer deferred prosecution programs for first-time drug offenders. This program allows the offender to complete a term of probation that includes drug and alcohol education and treatments.


If a first-time drug offender is able to complete this probation term, the charges against them will be dropped. On the other hand, if the terms of the probation were violated at any time during the term, the case will be brought directly to the court for prosecution.


Drug Sentencing Lawyer – Kyle T. Green


Having an experienced attorney at your side during the sentencing stage of your drug-related crime can have a huge impact on the severity of your sentence. I’ve worked as both a criminal defense attorney in Tempe and as a prosecutor, which gives me the knowledge and expertise I need to negotiate in court on your behalf. If you are a first-time drug offender, I will fight hard to get you placed in a diversion program to help avoid prison time or other harsh penalties.


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