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Drug Trafficking

A person caught manufacturing and distributing controlled substances illegally in the state of Arizona can be charged with drug trafficking and distribution. This is considered to be a very serious crime and involves strong penalties on both the state and federal level.


Drug trafficking charges are often combined with other related offenses such as possession and manufacturing. Convictions of multiple charges leads to harsher sentences, including longer prison terms and higher fines. Based on the circumstances of the case, including the amount of drugs involved and where they were found, federal charges may also be added.


It’s true that the state of Arizona sees many more of these types of cases than other states in the country based on our close proximity to Mexico. As a result, both state and federal prosecutors have much more experience in drug trafficking and distribution cases, which makes them tough to beat. If you are facing drug trafficking and distribution charges in Arizona, do not attempt to defend yourself – call an attorney immediately.


Drug Trafficking and Distribution Defense Attorney – Kyle T. Green


I have stood at the defense of many of those accused of drug-related crimes in the state of Arizona and I have the experience needed to have charges dropped or reduce sentencing significantly. At one point in my career as an attorney, I worked as a prosecutor, which gives me an advantage in knowing how to best defend a drug trafficking charge.


You need an aggressive attorney with the proper negotiating skills and understanding of the court system to help you win your case. I can help you overcome your drug trafficking and distribution charges and get you back to your normal life.


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