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Federal Drug Charges

Federal Drug Charges


Being arrested for a drug-related crime is a very serious situation no matter how small the incident may seem. In some cases, federal drug charges may be added depending on the circumstances surrounding the specific situation. While most drug crimes that take place in Arizona will be handled at the state level, there are some that will go the federal level.


The biggest difference when it comes to federal and state charges for drug-related crimes is in the sentencing. Generally speaking, federal courts are much tougher and impose much stricter sentences than state courts.


Here are a few examples of reasons why federal drug charges might be filed:

  • A high quantity of drugs are found at the time of arrest
  • The suspect was apprehended through a federal investigation
  • The drug-related crime took place on federal property
  • Federal statutes were violated


Whatever the reason may be, remember that federal charges are much more serious because you are now potentially facing federal punishment.


How Experienced Drug Attorney Kyle T. Green Can Help


When you know you are facing federal drug charges, you need an attorney like me who has experience in defending such cases. Federal cases are different from the very beginning. You don’t want to chance your defense to someone who hasn’t stood in federal court or faced a federal judge before.


I have the experience and knowledge of the federal system and can help you navigate through the process effectively. I’ll start by doing my best to prove that the federal charges do not apply. This can greatly impact the rest of the case. From there, we’ll work to discredit any evidence that may have been collected. Finally, I’ll use my experience and knowledge of the federal system to strongly negotiate any punishment that may be handed down.


Examples of Federal Drug Charges in Arizona


While there are many different combinations of drug charges that can be brought against a person, some of the more common charges involve the following:


  • Possession of high quantities of marijuana, heroin, cocaine and other illegal substances with the intent to sell
  • Prescription drug fraud, including possessing a large amount of prescription drugs and writing illegal prescriptions
  • Smuggling drugs or conspiracy to smuggle or distribute large quantities of drugs


Arizona’s proximity to Mexico makes it a high-traffic state for large quantities of drugs. We also have a large presence of federal Border Patrol agents in parts of the state, which means there is a higher chance of an encounter with a federal agent.


Get the Experience and Help You Need


If you or someone you know is facing federal drug charges, please call my office as soon as you can. Let’s set up an initial consultation and look closer at the details surrounding your case. I promise you will leave this consultation feeling much more confident when it comes to our plan of attack for your defense. I have been serving clients in the Tempe, Arizona area for many years and look forward to working with you.