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Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation

Drug Manufacturing Lawyer


In the state of Arizona, there are many different laws prohibiting the illegal use, distribution and possession of narcotics, dangerous drugs and prescription-only drugs. When someone is caught breaking these laws, they face charges that could lead to heavy punishment, including time in prison.


Charges of drug manufacturing usually apply when a defendant is found in possession of materials and chemicals that are commonly used for creating illegal drugs. Further charges may ensue when proof is found that these drugs are being made with the intent to sell. In some situations, a person can be arrested, charged and convicted of drug manufacturing just for having the equipment regardless if actual drugs are found.


Get Help From Kyle T. Green – Drug Manufacturing Lawyer


I’ve worked with many people in the past who are facing drug manufacturing/sales charges in Tempe, Arizona and throughout the state. As I work to build a strong defense against these types of charges, I start by closely analyzing all of the evidence involved. My job is to work to have the charges against you reduced or in some cases, dropped altogether.


Having worked as a prosecuting attorney at one time in my career, I am familiar with what the state is looking for and how they typically approach a drug manufacturing/sales case. This gives me a great advantage in court as your case is heard.


Drug Manufacturing/Sales Crimes – Possible Punishment


The punishment for drug manufacturing/sales crimes in Arizona can range based on what was found at the time of the arrest, including the amount of manufactured drugs found and any equipment or chemicals that were used. Both charges and sentences for drug manufacturing/sales crimes become much more serious when actual dangerous drugs or narcotics are found. This constitutes a felony charge and sometimes results in mandatory prison time.


If a defendant is convicted of manufacturing prescription drugs, it is considered a class 1 misdemeanor and can be punishable by probation or up to 6 months in jail. Additional fines are also included in the sentence.


For more serious crimes, like when a person is found guilty of possessing the manufacturing equipment for a dangerous drug or narcotic, a felony charge will be assessed. This could potentially lead to a prison sentence as high as 8.75 years.


If the defendant has previous drug-related convictions on their record, the punishment is even more serious and can sometimes double the amount of time a person will spend in prison.


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Every step of your drug manufacturing/sales case presents opportunities for your experienced criminal-defense attorney to work to have the charges dropped or your sentence reduced. Do not wait until it is too late for me to do my job. Call my office right away to schedule an initial consultation.