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There are a host of Arizona laws that prohibit the illegal use, transportation and sale of marijuana. Even though there are some instances when marijuana can be used for medicinal (medical marijuana) purposes, it is still considered a controlled substance by law. Those caught breaking these marijuana-related laws face serious consequences if arrested and convicted.
Marijuana crimes in the state of Arizona typically fall into one of the following categories:


  • Possession for use – If you are found to have even a small amount of marijuana on your person or at your property and it appears that you intended to use it for recreation, you can be arrested and face harsh penalties including time in prison and steep fines.
  • For sale – A person caught with a certain amount of marijuana with an indication of intent to sell will be arrested and charged with a class 2 felony, which could lead to up to 10 years in prison.
  • Growing or manufacturing – Even though the crime of growing marijuana is not always considered as serious as selling it, you will still face harsh penalties if convicted, including up to nine years in prison.
  • Trafficking – This is a very common crime in Arizona and is classified as a class 3 felony. You can be arrested and charged with marijuana trafficking even if the amount is very small.


Marijuana Attorney – Kyle T. Green

As a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, it is important to me that my clients’ rights are protected and that they are treated fairly when facing marijuana charges. I start by calling into question any and all charges against my client, with the goal of having these charges thrown out altogether. Should the case go to court, I will put my experience in Arizona courtrooms to work for you to give you the best possible defense. Having an attorney at your side can also greatly impact the outcome of the sentencing process. I will be at your side through each step of your case.


Other Marijuana Crimes

Depending on the circumstances and evidence found at the time of your arrest for a marijuana crime, you may face additional charges for illegal marijuana paraphernalia or even aggravation. Arizona is known for its willingness to go after marijuana crime offenders, which is why you need an attorney at your side.


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