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Charges for the use or possession of methamphetamines should be taken very seriously. There are strict laws that prohibit such activities and breaking these laws will lead to swift arrest and harsh prosecution. Penalties for possession of even very small amounts of meth often include long prison sentences. A person convicted of selling meth will face even longer prison terms, as well as hefty fines.


This is why it is so important to have an experienced meth attorney in your corner. The sooner you are in contact with an attorney after being arrested or investigated for meth possession or intent to sell, the better chances you have to beat the charges against you.


Meth Crime Offenders Face Extreme Consequences


The Arizona courts and prosecution are very tough on all meth law violations. Even first time offenders are facing a minimum of 5 years in jail. Repeat offenders are looking at anywhere from 10 to 20 years in prison based on the circumstances of their case. In addition to these long prison sentences, there is no probation, pardon, early release or suspended sentence available for meth law offenders.


Meth Attorney Kyle T. Green


When I work with clients who have been charged with meth law violations, I put my experience as a former prosecutor to work for them. Having looked at these types of cases as a prosecutor, I have a good idea as to how the prosecution will lay out their case against my client, which gives me an advantage when planning their defense.


In addition to experience, I also have a thorough understanding of how the Arizona court system works. My knowledge and negotiation skills have been instrumental in successfully defending other meth law cases.


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