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Prescription Drugs

As the illegal use and sale of prescription drugs continues to escalate, the Arizona legal system is taking steps to crack down on such crimes. If charges are made, you will want a prescription drug defense attorney on your side.


In Arizona, prescription drugs such as painkillers and antidepressants are considered dangerous drugs and those found in possession of such drugs or selling them are violating the law. Other dangerous drug crimes include manufacturing, transporting and related crimes such as forgery and fraud of prescriptions in order to acquire these drugs.


The problem with the abuse of prescription drugs is that it can lead to very serious consequences, including death. There are actually more deaths in our nation from prescription drug abuse than deaths from heroin and cocaine use. Prescription drug abuse also tends to lead to a number of other crimes, including theft, robbery and fraud. It’s a problem that has spiraled out of control and has prompted states across the country, including Arizona, to pass tough laws to attempt to control the epidemic.

Prescription Drug Defense Attorney Kyle T. Green

When facing prescription drug charges, it is imperative that you have the right attorney at your side. I have the experience and knowledge of the court system to put up the best possible defense for your prescription drug or dangerous drug case. Having spent time as a prosecutor, I have specific insight into how a prescription drug case will be prosecuted, giving me the upper hand in defending you.


You need an attorney that not only has the experience to defend you, but the negotiation skills to have charges dropped and penalties reduced. I’ve successfully defended hundreds of clients in the Arizona court system and have the expertise to help you win should your case go to trial.

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