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Commercial Driver’s License DUI

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) DUI Attorney


Bus drivers, truck drivers, and other transportation professionals are required to carry a commercial driver’s license or a CDL. This type of license requires additional testing and training than the requirements for a standard driver’s license.


Arizona DUI law is also harsher on those with a CDL. The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level for commercial drivers is half of the legal limit for a normal driver. Any driver operating with a CDL license needs to be under a .04 BAC to be within the legal limit.


Furthermore, whether the CDL holder was driving the business or commercial vehicle or their personal vehicle at the time of their arrest, the law requires the suspension of their commercial driver’s license, meaning the individual may not be allowed to continue his or her current employment.


Commercial DUI Attorney Kyle T. Green


Because your ability to provide for your family may rest on your CDL DUI arrest and the revocation of your driver’s license, it is important to find quality representation from a commercial DUI attorney familiar with commercial DUI law.


As a former prosecutor, I know how the prosecution assigned to your case will present you. You will be painted in a harsh, unforgiving light with no exploration into your true character or the details surrounding your case.


As an aggressive Arizona DUI attorney, I know the questions to ask and the way to answers. I know the law and the strategies and tactics available when defending your rights. When you sit down with me for a free case review we discuss all your options and I make sure all your questions are answered.


If I then have the privilege of defending your commercial DUI charge, I will work tirelessly to ensure you are protected and defended throughout each step of your criminal proceeding.


Protect Your Livelihood – Arrested for a CDL DUI in Arizona


In addition to losing your licenses, CDL DUI convictions also bring about large fines, jail time and probation, not to mention difficulties with future employment and insurance.
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