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Drug DUI

A driver who is driving with drugs in their system and tests positive for illegal drugs will be arrested and a conviction will be sought for driving under the influence of drugs. However, as has been stated repeatedly by drug DUI defense attorney Kyle T. Green, an arrest or accusation is absolutely not the same as a conviction. An arrest is a charge that is based on the arresting officer’s observations and whatever other thoughts might be going through his head.

Attorney Kyle T. Green is aware of the legal strategies that may be employed to exonerate a driver who may or may not have illegal drugs in their system.

Questions that must be addressed include:

  • Why was the vehicle stopped in the first place
  • Was there any evidence of erratic driving
  • Did the arresting officer demand a blood, urine or breath sample
  • How were these samples treated
  • Was the vehicle searched?
  • Were any drugs found in the vehicle?
  • Was the search legal?
  • Was the search without probable cause?
  • Was there a valid search warrant
  • Was the search conducted illegally and did the search lead to the confiscation of drugs

Under circumstances such as above, Tempe drug DUI lawyer Kyle T. Green will make sure that your Constitutional Rights are protected. Issues will be brought up in court that will be obvious for all to see.

Complimentary Case Evaluation with Drug DUI Attorney Kyle T. Green

Attorney Kyle T. Green is a fighter for your Constitutional rights. Criminal defense attorneys are tired of seeing people getting beaten down by the system that is in effect supposed to lift them up and help them. Kyle T. Green will fight with all his might, mind and soul to make sure that you receive the fairest outcome possible under the circumstances. He is an attorney who takes his case on his sleeve and he thinks constantly about possible outcomes, resolutions and acquittals. That’s right – his goal is to help set you free so that you can go on and live a better and more productive life. Attorney Green made a vow a long time ago when he entered law school – that vow was to protect the innocent and to treat everyone with fairness and respect. Additionally, his goal is to win every possible case that goes before him. Not for ego’s sake, but for the sake of Lady Justice. To schedule a complimentary case review with Attorney Kyle T. Green, call his office at 480-331-7568.