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Super Extreme DUI

Arizona laws are already tough on DUI offenders no matter how much alcohol the defendant may have consumed. However, if a person’s blood alcohol level is over .20% at the time of their arrest, they can be charged with Super Extreme DUI, which carries much more serious penalties. DUI offenders convicted of Super Extreme DUI will spend a minimum of 45 days in jail. This is just for the first offense. Additional Super Extreme DUI’s have even harsher penalties, including more time in jail and huge fines.


If you have been charged with Super Extreme DUI, you need to seek legal help from a knowledgeable super extreme DUI attorney right away. The consequences of such a conviction are long-lasting and can complete change your life. You need an attorney to negotiate the lightest sentence possible so you can get back to life as soon as possible.


Super Extreme DUI Attorney – Kyle T. Green


I’ve worked with many clients in the past who were facing DUI charges and have helped them see a successful conclusion to their case. All of my clients get my expertise of the Arizona court system, my experience as both a defense attorney and a former prosecutor and my command of the negotiation process that must take place during the sentencing stage of the case.


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Super Extreme DUI – Penalties


Not only do Super Extreme DUI convictions carry long jail sentences, but they also cost thousands of dollars and have other long-lasting consequences such as driver’s license suspensions and years of probation. You may see an increase in your car insurance rates and it can be tough to find job opportunities with a DUI conviction and criminal record. In short, there are just too many potential consequences of a Super Extreme DUI to leave to chance. You need an attorney to help you.


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