When a person is charged with certain crimes, the law allows for the state of Arizona to seize the possessions of that person, especially possessions that are related to the crime. For example, if a person is caught transporting illegal drugs, the state can take possession of the vehicle that was involved. Other possessions that can be seized include homes, property, firearms and money. The government is actually allowed to sell these possessions through a public auction if they remain unclaimed after a certain period of time.


In order to get your possessions back, you need to file a claim to the court. This can be a very tedious process that involves a number of specific procedures and requirements that most people aren’t aware of. It is best to seek legal assistance when attempting to reclaim your property and possessions.



Forfeiture Attorney – Kyle T. Green



As an experienced criminal law attorney in the state of Arizona, I can help you get back your possessions that were taken in forfeiture. I have the legal expertise and knowledge of the court system needed to make this process as simple as process. Call my office and we’ll get started with the necessary steps to get back what’s yours, including completing and submitting all necessary forms.



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Since the seizing of property is typically related to other crimes or charges you may be facing, let’s be sure to discuss those as well. During your complimentary initial case review, we’ll look closely at all of the evidence in your case and prepare a strong defense. I have experience in defending clients in many different types of cases and feel confident that I can help you too.


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