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Gun Crimes

People use guns for many different purposes in Arizona, which is why the state has implemented a number of gun laws. These laws are in place to protect those who use firearms safely as well as prevent individuals from using guns recklessly.


Each year, there are hundreds of gun crimes committed throughout the state of Arizona, including right here in Tempe. These crimes include those committed by people who just don’t have a thorough knowledge of the gun laws in place as well as those associated with much more serious offenses such as assault and murder.


Certain crimes in Arizona automatically become more serious when a gun comes into play. For example, in an assault situation, if a gun is presented during the crime, it can escalate to aggravated assault, which is a much more serious crime that comes with stiffer penalties.


Gun Crimes Lawyer – Kyle T. Green


No matter what gun crime you may be charged with, it’s important that you give my office a call right away to set up a consultation. I have dealt with a number of gun crimes in the past as both a defense attorney and on the prosecuting side. I have a clear understanding of Arizona gun laws and can put that knowledge to work for you in building a strong defense.


As an experienced gun crimes attorney, I will work to, first, have all charges against you dropped completely or have them reduced. I will use my negotiation skills and experience in the Arizona court system to make sure you get a reduced sentence in the event of conviction. We’ll start with a free case review that will allow me to get a closer look at the evidence involved and find holes in the prosecutions case against you.


Weapon Misconduct – Getting Your Guns Back


I’m often asked about the possibility of getting gun rights back after a gun crime conviction. It’s important to know that those who have been convicted of a dangerous offense, which involves intentional physical injury, will not be eligible to get their rights to bear arms back.


If the gun crime you were convicted of was a serious offense – not a dangerous offense – you may be able to have your gun rights reinstated after ten years and after prison and probation have been completed.


Other felony gun crime convictions come with a 2-year waiting period once prison or probation terms are complete.


Call Kyle T. Green When Facing Gun Crimes Charges


We’re fortunate to live in a state that allows for responsible gun owners to use and carry weapons without repercussion. However, those with guns sometimes cross a line intentionally or unintentionally. If this happens to you and you are charged with a gun crime, call my office and let’s set up a free case review so we can get started on your defense.


Having an experienced attorney in your corner is your best bet at beating the charges and having any sentence or punishment reduced. Call today at 480-331-7568.