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Home Invasion

By entering a person’s home without the owner’s permission with the intent to commit a crime inside, such as theft, you are committing the crime of home invasion. In order to prove your guilt of such a crime, a prosecutor must show that you entered a home with the intent to commit a crime. Whether or not you actually committed the crime doesn’t matter – it’s all about your intention.


Based on the circumstances surrounding your case, you could face charges that range from a Class 3 criminal trespass misdemeanor to first-degree burglary. There are many different factors that impact the prosecutor’s decision on which charges to file against you, including what property you entered, how long you were there and what took place while you were on the property.


Penalties for such crimes can include minimum jail time of 30 days for a class 3 misdemeanor and up to 12 years for first-degree burglary. In addition to time in jail, there may be fines imposed that reach as high as $150,000.


Hire Kyle T. Green to Fight Your Home Invasion Charges


If you or someone you love is facing home invasion charges, your first move should be to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney like myself. I’ve worked as a prosecutor before and I know how a prosecutor thinks. This gives me a distinct advantage when defending home invasion cases in Arizona.


Because there are so many factors and circumstances to consider when it comes to a home invasion case, it’s important that we meet as soon as possible to review the facts while you still remember them clearly. During our initial free case review, we’ll take a closer look at all aspects of your case. You’ll walk away from the consultation with a solid understanding of what the next steps are and what we are hoping to accomplish.


My primary objective will be to have the charges against dismissed or reduced. My skillful negotiations and solid reputation in Arizona courts can lead to a reduction of charges including lower fines, probation, and no prison time options.


Juveniles Charged with Home Invasion


If your son or daughter has been charged with home invasion, burglary or trespassing or with other crimes that may be associated with home invasion, such as vandalism, it is very important that you contact me right away. Again, the circumstances surrounding your case, or your son’s or daughter’s case, may allow for the charges to be reduced or dropped altogether.


Are You Facing Home Invasion Charges?


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