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When a homicide is committed, the circumstances that led to the loss of life will determine whether it will be classified as murder or manslaughter. In simple terms, when a homicide is committed with any plan or premeditation involved, it is considered murder. Manslaughter is a homicide that occurs accidentally or unintentionally.


In either case, homicide crimes in Arizona are very serious offenses that will be heavily prosecuted and severely punished. Sentences for murder have the harshest penalties of all crimes in Arizona. When a person is involved in any type of homicide, it is much better for him or her to be charged with manslaughter than murder. While still very serious, manslaughter often comes with a much lighter sentence.


The difference between murder and manslaughter often comes down to intent and premeditation. An experienced homicide attorney can help build a defense that knocks down a murder charge to manslaughter.


Homicide Attorney – Kyle T. Green


I’ve been involved with several homicide cases in the past both as a defense attorney and also working for the prosecution. Having a front row experience in these cases gives me specific knowledge and insight into how Arizona courts handle homicide charges. This has allowed me to build proven strategies to help my clients who face murder or manslaughter charges.


I start every case the same –with a free case review where I can closely examine any and all relevant information and evidence pertaining to the case. Often, a closer look at this information reveals small details that can be used to either lower the charges against my clients or have those charges dismissed completely.


When it comes to the sentencing stage of a case, my negotiation skills and solid reputation in the Arizona court system can lead to reduced sentences, lighter penalties and smaller fines.


Avoid Long Prison Terms or the Death Penalty


A first-degree murder conviction in Arizona could land a defendant on death row or life in prison. Even manslaughter and negligent homicide convictions typically come with sentences of several years in jail.


You might think that any homicide conviction is the end of the road for you. But there is a good reason to put up a strong fight when it comes to the punishment. It’s worth it to take the extra steps after conviction to have your sentence reduced or to appeal it.


Are You Facing Homicide Charges?


If you or someone you love is facing any type of homicide charge or if you have been convicted of a homicide and are looking for legal help during the sentencing portion of your trial, call my office at 480-331-7568 and set up a consultation. I’ll start by reviewing your case and proposing a detailed strategy that you can have confidence in. By the end of that initial consultation, you will have a clear understanding of how we will proceed.