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Sex Crimes

A sex crime charge can have serious, life-changing consequences. Finding an experienced attorney to defend you from a sex crime charge can be the difference between incarceration and freedom.


Sex Crime Charges in Arizona include:

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Sex Crime Penalties

Sex crime penalties vary depending on the specific charge and details of the case, but may include:


Sex Crime Defense Attorney Kyle T. Green

It’s not only your case I’m working to defend – it’s your rights and your life. I will give you the time and attention your case deserves as well as discuss all options and strategies available to your defense. Because of the nature and stigma associated with sex crimes I know how important it is that your case is represented discreetly and professionally.


As a former prosecutor with significant jury trial experience, I know and understand Arizona state sex crime laws and what proof is needed for a conviction. I take pride in being well-versed in forensic science and will use factual evidence to work towards a complete acquittal or reduction of criminal charges.


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