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Child Molestation

Child Molestation Lawyer


Individuals facing child molestation charges are subject to sever penalties if convicted. Arizona’s mandatory sentencing laws require anyone convicted of child molestation in Arizona to serve a prison sentence of 10 to 24 years. A child molestation prison sentence may also be considered “flat time” meaning the individual is never allowed parole or early release.


If you are facing or are being investigated for child molestation or another sex crime, contact me today for a free case evaluation. I can help defend again child molestation charges as a criminal defense attorney and am thoroughly committed to defending criminal allegations and fighting for the rights of those accused.


Child Molestation Attorney Lawyer – Kyle T. Green


As a former prosecutor with significant jury trial experience, I know first hand how prosecutors look at child molestation cases and I know how to defend against these serious charges.


The prosecution will try to establish a pattern, painting a picture about the accused that can be very misleading and designed to stir up emotion in a jury. Prosecutors will look to experts to explain to the court what the common characteristics are of sex offenders. Testimonies like these either need to be precluded from trial or thoroughly cross-examined by an experienced, aggressive Arizona criminal defense attorney to make sure any testimonies presented also tell your side of the story and are based on facts, not emotion.


A thorough defense will also include an investigation into everyone involved with the alleged victim. An experience criminal defense attorney will be able to uncover ulterior motives, conflicting testimonies and made-up allegations.


Bottom line is that you need an Arizona criminal defense attorney who will work tirelessly on your case, building a strong defense strategy and then presenting that strategy in court. This is your rights, this is your life – let’s work together to defend it.

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Arizona Child Molestation Penalties


Penalties for child molestation convictions range depending on the specific charge but penalties may include:

  • Jail time (10 to 24 years)
  • Fines and surcharges
  • Registration as a sex offender
  • Counseling


It is also important to note that probation is not available for child molestation charges. Typically, only when charges are reduced to the “attempted molestation of a child” is the accused eligible for probation.


Arrested or Under Investigation for Child Molestation in Arizona?

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