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Pimping and Pandering

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As an Arizona criminal defense lawyer and a former prosecutor, I know how severely Arizona law punishes sex offenders. If you have been accused of a sex crime in Arizona including pandering, do not delay in seeking an experienced sex crimes attorney available to advise you on the specifics of your case.
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What is Pandering? What is Pimping?


ARS 13-3209 defines pandering as convincing or coercing someone to be a prostitute. Pandering can include defrauding someone into prostitution, using someone’s debt to force them into prostitution, or causing a spouse or significant other to engage in prostitution.
Pimping encompasses pandering and also receiving the earnings of a prostitute. ARS 13-3204 says that it is illegal to receive earnings from prostitution. Furthermore, you can be charged with this crime simply by knowingly accepting money or other valuables from another person who has earned these items through prostitution.


Pimping and Pandering Punishments


Pimping and pandering are related but two separate laws under Arizona statutes. Both pimping and pandering are class 5 felonies and punishable by a jail or prison sentence (six months to two years in jail and six months in prison). Those convicted are also subject to heavy fines, rehabilitation programs and restitution, depending on the case.


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