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Similar to prostitution charges, the solicitation of prostitutes is also illegal in Arizona.  Solicitation convictions and prostitution charges carry similar penalties. Mandatory jail time sentences for solicitation convictions include:

  • 15 days in jail for the first offense
  • 30 days in jail for the second offense
  • 60 days in jail for the third offense
  • 180 days in jail for the fourth offense



Soliciting a Prostitute Defense Attorney Kyle T. Green


As a former Arizona prosecutor and now as a solicitation lawyer, I have seen how prostitution and solicitation charges are handled on both sides of the courtroom. This experience on both sides is vital.


Possible Defenses for Solicitation – Entrapment


If you are facing a solicitation charge, you may have engaged with an undercover police officer. That conversation may be the strongest single piece of evidence the prosecution has against you.
As part of a strong defense against solicitation charges, in cases involving an undercover officer it is imperative that we investigate entrapment. With an entrapment defense, it will be up to our side to prove one of the following:


  • The defendant was urged and induced to solicit an act of prostitution.
  • The idea of solicitation or prostitution began with the police.
  • Before the police urged and induced the defendant to commit an act of prostitution or solicitation, they were not predisposed to do so.


Entrapment is just one example of available defense options available in Arizona prostitution solicitation cases.  We will look at all the evidence against you and how that evidence was obtained and how you were treated during your arrest.


Arrested Or Charges With Solicitation Or Prostitution In Tempe, Arizona Or The Surrounding Area?


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