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There are a number of charges that a person might face when it comes to the illegal use of a weapon. While all weapons charges should be taken seriously, some are much more serious and come with very harsh penalties. The unlawful discharging of a weapon, possession of a prohibited weapon, carrying a deadly weapon onto public premises – these are just some of the many different illegal activities that involve a weapon.


Not all weapons charges pertain to firearms. In some instances, knives, baseball bats and cars can be considered a deadly weapon and lead to criminal charges. Any deadly or violent crime committed using one of these objects could also include additional weapons charges. The use of a weapon in any crime also increases the seriousness of that crime. For example, the penalties are less for an assault crime than they would be for an assault with a deadly weapon crime.


Weapons Attorney – Kyle T. Green

If you or someone you love is facing weapons charges, it’s important that you know that the penalties involved are very harsh. The consequences for a conviction of such a crime are steep and long-lasting. This is why you need an experienced attorney at your side.


I can help put together a strong defense for you as you face weapons charges. I will draw from my knowledge as a skillful defense attorney to fight the charges you are facing and have them dismissed or reduced. If your case does see the inside of a courtroom, I will bring my strong negotiation skills and my experience as a prosecuting attorney to the table.

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I always begin every case by carefully examining any and all evidence collected pertaining to your arrest. When you call my office, we will set up a complimentary case review, which allows me to familiarize myself with your case and start generating ideas for a strong defense. The sooner we get started the better. If you are facing weapons charges, call today at 480-331-7568.