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White Collar Crimes

Aggressive Defense Against White Collar Crime Charges – Kyle T. Green


“White collar” is the term used to describe crimes generally committed in places of business or in a workplace environment. Typically these crimes are committed to receive financial gain through fraudulent or dishonest practices and very rarely involve physical injury or violence, although those may also occur from time to time.
But just because white collar charges do not include violent acts, doesn’t mean they aren’t taken seriously in the court of law. During my time as a prosecutor, I gained valuable insight into white collar crime proceedings and can tell you that the punishments can be just as severe and damaging.
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Arizona White Collar Crimes


The following criminal charges can be categorized as white collar crimes:


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If you have been charged with a white collar crime or you know you are under investigation, now is the time to arm yourself and prepare a solid defense strategy. In some instances, I have even been able to help avoid formal charges and negotiate resolutions before formal charges are brought, all while fighting for your rights and reputation. Call me at 480-331-7568 and let’s get started today.