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Bank Fraud

Any bank fraud charge in the state of Arizona is very serious and a conviction typically comes with harsh consequences. Bank fraud can range from very simple acts to very complicated and elaborate schemes designed to steal money. Some of the more common bank fraud crimes include the following:

  • Posing as a financial institution to obtain or gain access to money
  • Credit card fraud
  • Writing bad checks
  • Electronic fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Loan application fraud


While many bank fraud crimes are committed by individuals not affiliated with a bank, others involve a person or persons who work directly for a bank. Anytime anyone takes part in any activity to purposely obtain money or credit from a bank, they can be charged with bank fraud. To make things worse, depending on the situation and where the crime took place, the person who committed the crime could be charged with federal crimes as well.


Arizona Bank Fraud Attorney – Kyle T. Green


In my experience as a criminal defense attorney, I have handled a number of bank fraud cases. My strategy in handling these types of cases is to move quickly to develop an effective defense while mitigating any potential damage. I bring not only my criminal defense knowledge to the table but also my time spent as a prosecuting attorney, which gives me insight into how the prosecution will approach the case.


The first step is to work to have charges reduced or thrown out. If the case does move to a trial, I have the skills necessary to present a solid defense in the courtroom. My strong negotiation skills have proven valuable in the sentencing phase as well.


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