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Forgery Lawyer in Arizona


Arizona forgery law is very broad and many types of suspected criminal activity are considered “forgery”. For example, forgery charges may involve fictitious checks or other payment methods that have been changed or altered. A person may also be charged with forgery if they sign a false name or use doctored paperwork to gain employment
Regardless of the specifics of your case, forgery charges should not be taken lightly and you will need an aggressive forgery attorney on your side to see that your story is told in court and that your rights are upheld.


Forgery Defense Attorney Kyle T. Green


Forgery is considered a class 4 felony which means defendants can be sentenced to almost four years in prison along with fines, restitution, community service and probation.
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Definition of Forgery


Under Arizona law, forgery is committed when someone:

  • Falsely manufactures, transforms or changes any paper, document, check or other instrument; or
  • Has in their possession a written instrument that has been falsely altered, made or completed; or
  • Presents or offers a document that has either been forged or contains information that is false.

For a forgery conviction to stand, the prosecution must also prove that this thing was done with the intent to defraud.


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