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Health Care Fraud

Healthcare Fraud is another example of a white-collar crime on the rise in the Tempe, Arizona area. Both state and federal prosecutors are being much more aggressive in how they handle these cases. New laws passed both on the federal and state level are bringing more attention to these crimes. Even the smallest error or oversight can attract the attention of federal investigators and lead to health care fraud charges.


Generally speaking, healthcare fraud involves the filing of fraudulent health care claims in order to make a profit. It most often involves a healthcare provider that has intentionally misrepresented healthcare transactions. Some of the most common health care fraud crimes include the following:

  • Cost report fraud
  • Billing for services or products not rendered or delivered
  • False claims and reports
  • Distributing non-approved devices or drugs
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to supervise unlicensed personnel
  • Kickback violations
  • Illegal payment or rewarding for patient referrals
  • Duplicate billing
  • Waiving of co-payments


Many health care fraud crimes start off as a simple billing error that soon spirals out of control. It is a crime that is especially rampant in a state like Arizona where there are is a large population of retirees.



Healthcare Fraud Attorney – Kyle T. Green



It is very important that you speak with an experienced attorney if you have been charged with healthcare fraud and especially before you speak to law enforcement or government investigators. I have spent the last several years focusing on this and other white-collar crimes so that I can confidently defend these charges in court. My understanding of these crimes allows me to carefully evaluate your case and determine the best defense options.

Before I became a criminal defense attorney, I worked as a state prosecutor, which gives me a unique advantage in understanding prosecution strategies. I am willing and ready to use my negotiation skills and thorough understanding of the court system in defending your case.


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