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Identity Theft

If you have been charged or are under investigation for identity theft, the sooner you are able to consult an identity theft attorney, the better your chances will be for protecting yourself against the evidence being gathered against you. An identity theft attorney will investigate all the facts of your case, examine the elements of the Arizona statue and determine the best legal argument for your defense, all while defending your reputation in court.


Identity Theft Attorney Kyle T. Green


I established The Law Office of Kyle T. Green because as a former prosecutor, I believed there was a better way to represent those accused of crimes in Arizona, including white collar crimes like identity theft. All too often I saw overworked public defenders open their client’s case file for the first time minutes before the case was to be heard in court. It was a scenario that played out horribly for many wrongfully accused individuals.
At my firm, we aggressively advocate for our clients from day one. I work tirelessly to see that my client’s desired outcome is fought for in court. I use my knowledge of the law and the facts of each specific case to build a solid defense strategy.
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Identity Theft Law


According to Arizona law, anyone who knowingly creates, steals, purchases, uses, takes, possesses or purchases someone else’s identity is committing identity theft. Identity theft charges can be elevated to aggravated identity theft when someone knowingly takes the identity of another and:

  • Uses it for obtaining employment.
  • Causes the victim to loose over $3,000.
  • Has taken the identities of others three or more times.


Arizona law also says it’s a crime to knowingly accept the false identity of another for means of employment. Accepting a false identity, when it is known the identity is false, is a class 4 felony.


Identity Theft Penalties in Arizona


If you are convicted of identity theft in Arizona, you may be facing the following:

  • Jail time. The length of each jail sentence will vary from case to case depending on the specifics of the case, prior history, and felony classification.
  • Fines. A court can sentence those convicted of a felony to pay up to $150,000 in fines.
  • Probation.
  • Restitution. Restitution is different from fines. Restitution is paid to the victims to compensate for their losses and/or financial harm.


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