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Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is one the fastest growing white-collar crimes in the United States and is especially common in a state like Arizona that was hit hard with the recent real estate crisis. A person can be charged with mortgage fraud if a prosecutor believes that a mortgage loan has been obtained by way of false information or concealment of information.


Common scenarios for mortgage fraud charges include making false statements to influence financial institutions or conspiring to commit bank fraud. Some people who are facing mortgage fraud charges were surprised to learn that even a simple mistake or oversight can result in being arrested and charged with a crime. Having a knowledgeable and informed attorney in your corner can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case.



Mortgage Fraud Attorney – Kyle T. Green



Do not attempt to face your mortgage fraud charges on your own. There are specific steps that must be taken along the way that, if missed, can have grave consequences for you. I have the knowledge and experience to defend you from mortgage fraud charges both small and large. Over the years, I have been involved in a number of white collar crime cases and have been able to help my clients see a favorable outcome.


To ensure that we put forth the best possible defense, let’s start by doing a complete review of the facts surrounding your case. When you call my office, the first thing we will do is schedule a complimentary case review. This will give me better insight and access to your case so that I can work to protect your rights and mitigate any potential consequences.


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