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Witness Representation

If you or someone you love has witnessed a crime first hand, you may be called upon at some point to share your account of what you saw or experienced. This could be at the Grand Jury level, in a deposition or even at trial. It’s important to understand that, as a witness, you have rights too.


In some cases, a prosecuting attorney might call a witness into their office to ask questions regarding the case. Legally, the witness does not have to participate in that interview. However, it’s highly unlikely that the prosecutor will let the witness know that. The problem is, some of the answers to the prosecutor’s questions might possibly incriminate the witness. As a witness, it’s best to have an attorney at your side who can advise you as to which questions you should answer and when to invoke Fifth Amendment rights.


Witness Representation Attorney – Kyle T. Green



If you have been called to testify as a witness and have questions regarding your rights, please call my office for a consultation. I can at the very least answer questions you might have and give you the legal advice you need to move forward confidently. I can also be there at your side as you sit through questioning in the presence of a prosecuting attorney.


I used to work as a prosecuting attorney myself at one point in my career, and I know how a prosecutor’s mind works. I know what information they are trying to obtain from a witness and can help prevent you from incriminating yourself. You do have rights as a witness and I can help protect those rights.


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