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Taco Shop Finds Clever Way to Bust Thief

Monday / December 28, 2015

It happens all the time. Surveillance videos capture break-ins and all other sorts of crimes outside of restaurants, convenience stores and other public places. Usually, these videos are just turned over to police but when Frijoles and Frescas in Las Vegas caught a recent burglary on surveillance video, they decided to do something a little more out-of-the-box. Check out this awesome video they created in hopes of catching the suspects in the video.



As an Arizona theft lawyer, I get a lot of questions about the laws and punishments for these types of crimes. In Arizona, theft is defined as taking something of value that you do not have permission to take with the intent to keep the property. ARS 13-802 also says theft is using services without paying for them or making no reasonable effort to notify the true owner if you come into possession of property you know to be stolen or lost.


The value of the item that is taken determines the severity of the punishments for theft. Penalties can include jail time, fines, paying the retail value of the goods and the cost of any damages.


Other criminal offenses similar to theft are:


  • Robbery (Class 4 felony) – Charged when the property of another person is taken against their will often using threats or force.
  • Aggravated Robbery (Class 3 felony) – Charged when a robbery is committed with the aid of one or more accomplices.
  • Burglary (Class 2,3 or 4 felony) – Charged when someone enters a structure or fenced yard with the intent to commit a theft on the property.
  • Shoplifting (Class 4, 5, or 6 felony, or Class 1 misdemeanor) – Charged when someone knowingly obtains good or merchandise from a store with the intent to permanently deprive the store of the goods.
  • Theft by Extortion (Class 2, 3 or 4 felony) – Charged when someone seeks to obtain property by threatening physical injury, damage to the property, criminal charges, exposure of a damaging secret or fact, or taking or withholding action as a public servant.
  • Auto Theft (Class 3 felony) – Charged when a means of transportation is taken with the intent to permanently deprive the person of the vehicle.


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