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What Happens When You Fail to Appear in Court?

Tuesday / January 12, 2016

Do you wish you could change your driver’s license picture? What if the DMV allowed you to upload your favorite selfie and use that?


That’s the mentality of one wanted man in Ohio. Instead of his mugshot, he asked the police to use his selfie.


Here’s the story…


The 45-year old failed to appear in court after being arrested for a DUI so the city police posted his mugshot on Facebook to let the public know to be on the lookout. The accused saw the post and promptly responded to police with a message that read, “Here is a better photo that one is terrible,” and attached a selfie that shows him in a suit and sunglasses in the front seat of his car.


The Washington Post confirms that the man is still at large and spoke with a local radio station saying simply, “I just chose not to go.”


While this man has a quite the sense of humor (and reportedly a lot of swag), by failing to appear in court he might be opening himself up to another felony or misdemeanor charge.


Arizona Law: Failure to Appear


What will happen if you fail to appear in a court proceeding in Arizona? Criminal Defense Attorney Kyle T. Green explains.


Under ARS 13-2506 and ARS 13-2507, Arizona can issue bench warrant arrests to be issued for “failure to appear” for a court appearance. Typically these warrants stay in effect until the defendant has been arrested or taken into custody.


If you have missed a court date and a warrant has been issued for your arrest, you will be facing the best outcomes with a criminal defense attorney at your side. A criminal defense attorney can file a motion for postponement before this issue arises and can help you resolve the matter proactively if a warrant has already been issued.


Criminal Defense Attorney Kyle T. Green


As a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, I handle arrest warrant and postponement of court date issues on a regular basis for clients. My guidance and representation are personalized for your case. I worked aggressively and tirelessly on behalf of those I represent. Call 480-331-7568 anytime to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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