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What is Bail?

Thursday / February 4, 2016

Just this morning a judge denied bail for the Virginia Tech student accused of being an accessory in the death of a 13-year-old girl.

What Does This Mean? What is Bail?

What does it mean when a judge rules that bail is denied or that bail is set at a certain dollar amount or that the defendant is released without bail?

By definition, bail is a sort of insurance that you will appear at your court hearings. Bail amount for each case is determined by a schedule and based on the amount of money needed to keep the accused from fleeing. Bail terms can also be met with collateral such as houses, cars, firearms, cameras, etc., if approved by the court.

How an Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Helps with Bail

As a criminal defense attorney, one of my jobs is to argue for release without bail or minimum bail for the charge or charges you are facing.

These arguments are heard at the bail setting. At this time the judge will listen to arguments from both sides and take things like your previous criminal record and community connections into account. If your charges are serious you are determined to be a flight risk, bail will be set. If you are unable to put up the bail amount or if you are denied bail, you will be kept in custody.

Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Kyle T. Green

If you have any questions about bail and what to expect at a bail setting, call any time me to discuss possibilities and outcomes. I am available for consultations every day and over the phone, meaning you can get your questions answered quickly. Consultations are free and done with zero obligations. We’ll discuss the options for your case and move forward with your goals and objectives.

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