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What’s going to happen to me?

Thursday / August 9, 2012

If I’m convicted of a crime what is my punishment going to be? That is a question that I commonly get asked by individuals who are seeking my services. The type of punishment that somebody could receive depends on a number of factors. Those factors include:  whether you been convicted of previous criminal offenses; how long ago those previous convictions were; and the current charges that you are facing. Arizona has two different levels of criminal offenses-felonies and misdemeanors. Felonies range levels of seriousness from class one to a class six, with a class one felony being the most serious.  Misdemeanors, on the other hand, range levels of seriousness from a class one to a class three with a class one being the most eserious. Individuals convicted of felonies who are first-time offenders are considered probation eligible for sentencing purposes. What this means is that no matter the class of the felony, with some exceptions, the court could print individual probation instead of sending them to present. An individual who was convicted of a felony offense with prior felony convictions, is required by law to serve a term in Department of Corrections. The court is required to send that person to prison, even if the court doesn’t feel that the case warrants prision.

The maximum penalty that an individual can face with a class one misdemeanor is six months in jail, a $2500 fine plus surcharge, and up to three years of supervised probation or five years of probation if the case is a DUI. Class two misdemeanors carry a maximum penalty of four months in jail, a $750 fine plus surcharge and up to two years of probation. A class three misdemeanor carries a
maximum penalty of 30 days in jail, a $500 fine plus surcharges, and up to one year of probation. Some criminal offenses mandate certain punishment that could be different than those penalties discussed previously. For example an individual convicted of a DUI is required to serve at least one day in jail and could be facing prison time. Other crimes such as dangerous crimes against children could result in a penalty of life imprisonment, even if the person is a first time offendeer. In short individuals convicted of criminal offenses can face a variety of potential penalties. Each case has its own unique set of circumstances and its own factors that contribute to the sentence an individual may receive if they are convicted. If you are facing criminal offense and are worried about potential penalties that you may face please do not hesitate contact my office at 480-331-7568 or at

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