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Who are Juvenile Delinquents?

Wednesday / June 8, 2016

A juvenile is a person between the ages of 10 and 18, or a minor. A juvenile delinquent is a minor who has committed a criminal or petty offense, called a “delinquent act” instead of a crime.


Delinquent Acts


Delinquent acts fall into two categories. The first is one that would be considered a crime had an adult committed it and, if serious enough, the minor can be charged as an adult. The second one is a crime that wouldn’t normally be considered a crime had an adult performed it. These are called status crimes and some examples are staying out past curfew and truancy.

Juveniles require special help in navigating the juvenile criminal justice system as they have different rights than adults. Because of the tricky nature of the Arizona juvenile criminal system, it’s a good idea to hire, or at least consult, an experienced Juvenile Criminal Attorney when facing adjudication.


Tempe Juvenile Crimes Attorney Kyle T. Green

The right attorney can play a major role at each step in the juvenile court process. I have personally worked with many minors, along with their families and friends, overcome and defend their charges. I have seen firsthand how a criminal conviction can affect a young person. The consequences go on for many years. My goal is to prepare and provide a solid defense so that my young clients do not have to deal with those long-reaching consequences.

If you are a minor or a parent of a minor who is facing a juvenile crimes charge, please call my office as soon as possible for a complimentary case review.

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