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Will I Go To Jail If I Don’t Pay My Court Fines?

Tuesday / March 22, 2016

The short answer is…yes, you will.


The longer answer is…it’s complicated.


The truth is…court fees are rising and the best solution is to avoid them altogether.


Defendants are being billed for everything from jury fees to room and board while in jail to administrative costs. Fines alone can reach up to thousands of dollars.  Luckily, there are options for payment plans, but if you miss a payment more fees get added. These add up quickly, making a large payment even larger, sometimes causing you not to be able to pay at all. And the cycle continues.


If you can keep on top of your payments, you’re golden. If you can’t pay or get behind, then there are few things that you need to know. If the court decides that you can’t pay despite good faith efforts they might help you modify your payment plan, but if they find that you’re willingly not paying you can be incarcerated in the county jail.


Here’s where having an excellent Arizona criminal defense attorney on your side is a smart option, especially if you can’t pay your fine or find you’re behind on payments and have become worried. I can help you fight for different payment options, possibly getting fines reduced to community service, as well as help you with any other issues or court issues that might come up. It’s worth a free consultation, even after a verdict or ruling, to see what other options there are for your case.


Of course, the best thing is avoiding court fines altogether. You can do this by having an aggressive, experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney on your side from the very beginning of the court process. If you find yourself in trouble, please call me – I am available every day for anyone with legal questions or concerns. Consultations can be done in office and over the phone, meaning you can get your questions answered quickly. Consultations are always free and done with zero obligations.


During your consultation visit or call we will discuss the options for your case specifically and move forward with your goals and objectives in mind. Please call me today, at 480-331-7568.



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