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Your Teen Has Been Charged with Burglary – What Do You Do Next?

Thursday / April 21, 2016

When most people hear stories about burglary or home invasion, they immediately conjure up an image of a masked man dressed in black entering a home by night looking for jewels and other valuables. The truth is, many of those accused of home invasion or robbery simply found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Arizona Burglary Law


According to Arizona law, a person can be charged with home invasion trespass by entering or remaining in:


  • A residential building
  • A fenced residential yard
  • Land that has a mineral lease if the defendant intends to engage in mining
  • Certain public utility or transportation facilities
  • Additionally, a person can be charged with first degree trespass in Arizona by entering a yard and looking into a residence.



Juveniles Charged with Burglary


These types of crimes tend to take on an entirely different meaning when it is an adult that commits them compared to a juvenile. A teenager, who haphazardly ends up in the yard of a neighbor and is caught looking through a window, may not even be aware that they are breaking the law. Even if they are stealing something from a friend’s house when that friend is not home, it’s easy to feel that the crime isn’t as serious as when an adult breaks into a home and steals multiple items.


Parents of teens who have been charged with burglary or home invasion are often shocked and are not sure what steps to take next in order to protect their child. They might think that prosecutors and courts will take it easy on their teenager because it was a first-time mistake. Or they might feel like there is nothing they can do about the situation and have to watch as their child is dragged through the legal system and punished for their crime.


When your teen is charged or arrested for a crime, it can be a moment of great embarrassment, worry and stress…but it doesn’t have to be. The best thing a parent can do when their child is charged with any crime is contact a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with juvenile charges and the Arizona juvenile court system who is comfortable in the courtroom. There are a number of strategies a good defense attorney can employ to have charges dropped or reduced. Your Arizona burglary attorney can also play a key role when it comes to the sentencing stage of a court case.



Arizona Burglary Attorney Kyle T. Green


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